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Curriculum Guides

Elementary students looking at the board in class.

About these Guides

The following Curriculum Guides have been updated to incorporate the most recent versions of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Lead teachers serving on the Curriculum Development Team collaborated during July - August 2021 to enhance the guides with useful and relevant resources, activities, and assessments. 

Additional Resources: 


6th Grade ELA
7th Grade ELA
8th Grade ELA
English I
English II
English III (Under Development)
English IV (Under Development) 


Math I
Math II
Math III
Math IV (Under Development) 


6th Grade Science
7th Grade Science
8th Grade Science
Earth and Environmental Science (Under Development)
Physical Science (Under Development)

Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies
7th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Social Studies
World History
American History
Civic Literacy
Economics and Personal Finance (Under Development)

Fine Arts

Art Resources for Middle and High School