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Accountability and Testing

The Testing and Accountability staff support schools in the implementation of the North Carolina Testing Program and Federal required testing measures. 

Testing is conducted in a fair and ethical manner according to the guidelines established by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).

The Testing and Accountability Department provides support in the areas of: 

  • Assuring security of testing materials
  • Training staff for each state test with appropriate testing procedures
  • Implementing a high quality data collection process for accountability programs
  • Analyzing and reporting data to support high levels of academic growth and achievement.

For additional information, visit the NCDPI Division of Accountability website.


Paul Kinsey | Testing Director
Phone: (252) 480-8888 extension: 1925
Justin Orgsbon | Testing Assistant
Phone: (252) 480-8888 extension: 1929



School Test Coordinators

School                      Coordinator         Phone Number
Cape Hatteras Secondary School          Annette O'Neal             (252) 955-5730 ext. 3002
Cape Hatteras Elementary School April Oden (252) 995-6196 ext. 3647
Dare Learning Academy Drew Sawyer (252) 473-5841 ext. 1003
First Flight High School Lela Ingram (252) 449-7000 ext. 2403
First Flight Middle School Kassie Mount (252) 441-8888 ext. 2203
First Flight Elementary School Kristin Dyer (252) 441-1111 ext. 2002
Kitty Hawk Elementary School Lisa Colvin (252) 261-2313 ext. 1623
Manteo High School Sarah Pritchard (252) 473-5842 ext. 1003
Manteo Middle School Grady Edwards (252) 473-5549 ext. 1202
Manteo Elementary School Elizabeth Kenan (252) 473-2742 ext. 1402
Nags Head Elementary School Denise Stone (252) 480-8880 ext. 1802