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Air Quality Test Results

Clean-up Efforts at First Flight Elementary & First Flight Middle Schools

Dare County Schools took proactive measures this summer to address humidity and mold concerns that emerged due to the ongoing maintenance work at First Flight Elementary and First Flight Middle School campuses. The boiler replacement project, while necessary for the long-term functionality of both schools, temporarily disrupted the control of humidity within both campuses, leading to damp conditions and isolated instances of surface mold growth.

The Dare County Board of Education approved a contract with Builder Services North Carolina for urgent maintenance services at First Flight Elementary School (FFES) and First Flight Middle School (FFMS) during an emergency virtual meeting held Wednesday, August 16, 2023. The board also granted the superintendent the authority to negotiate a contract for air quality testing at both schools before cleaning, after cleaning, and periodically throughout the 2023-24 school year. 
Builder Services began mold mitigation efforts at both campuses August 17. After extensive cleaning and testing, both campuses were cleared to reopen August 22.

Air Quality Test Results

Air quality companies, Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) and LRC Indoor Environment (LRC), conducted initial air quality tests and post clean-up assessments at FFES and FFMS. Air quality experts establish the air quality benchmark based on the readings outside the building. Both reports revealed a significant improvement in indoor air quality following the completion of the cleanup process that surpassed the quality of the air outdoors. Below are the initial and final reports from both air quality companies. 

Initial Air Quality Reports: August 22, 2023

Final Air Quality Reports

Current Status 

In October 2023, the Dare County Board of Education approved a contract with LRC Indoor Testing and Research to conduct routine air quality testing this fall and spring in all Dare County Schools. All schools and district buildings passed the most recent air quality tests. The full reports are available to view below. 

Air Quality Reports: Spring 2024

Air Quality Reports: Fall 2023