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Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plans

More About our Continuous Improvement Strategy

Dare County Schools is committed to continuous improvement. Each school has a dedicated school improvement team comprised of highly professional teachers, staff and parents. These individuals are elected by their peers and agree to serve in the improvement process for their school. These teams develop school improvement plans and use available data and resources to determine the most critical areas of improvement. 

Additionally, the district has a similar team of improvement stakeholders. This team is responsible for developing a five-year strategic plan that determines the mission and vision for the entire district. 

Dare County Schools Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan has been developed through the collaboration of many stakeholders. Parents, students, educators, and community members have all participated in a comprehensive visioning process that has spanned the past 12 months. Through this process, stakeholders provided input on how to improve our schools. Data was collected through community, staff, and student surveys along with focus groups and more than 40 community meetings. The mission, vision, core values, and priorities outlined in this strategic plan are directly related to feedback from of our stakeholders.

Dare 2023: Reimagining the Future of Dare County Schools 

Dare 2023: Reimaginando El Futuro de Las Escuelas Del Condado de Dare

School Improvement Plans 2023-24