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National Board Accomplished District Thumbnail Graphic
Hannah Nash
Dare County Schools (DCS) achieves national recognition for its large percentage of highly trained educators, with over 30% of teachers and counselors in the district attaining National Board certification. DCS proudly ranks among the top 14 districts nationwide, earning recognition as a National Board Accomplished District.
During the 2022-23 school year, six educators in the district obtained their National Board Certification for the first time, alongside 12 teachers who successfully earned their Maintenance of Certification.
National Board Certification, a highly respected certification for PreK-12 teachers and counselors, exemplifies teaching expertise through a rigorous performance-based, peer-reviewed assessment. This advanced certification serves as a testament to an educator's ability to advance student learning and achievement.
This year’s cohort of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) includes Ann Ball, Levi Curles, Melissa Haight, Emily Martin, Allison Rhodes, and Nancy Roberson.
Dare County Schools 2024 National Board Certified Teachers
Among the group who earned their Maintenance of Certification include Melody Alexander, Erin Basilone, Katie Blanchard, Ellen Bryson, Nicole Farrell, Evan Ferguson, Rachael Isler, Kaley Kiffner, Cassidy Mascio, Kelsey Oglesby, Laura Piland, and Jessica Polk.
National Board Certified Teachers Maintenance of Certification members in Dare County Schools.
“Dare County Schools has for years encouraged our teachers to take on this challenging recognition to grow their knowledge and abilities as leaders in their fields,” stated Dare County Schools Superintendent Steve Basnight. “We are and have been blessed with very talented staff members throughout the district who have offered their experience and expertise to coach and assist candidates who view learning as an unending process. As a former National Board Certified Teacher, I am honored to congratulate our newest NBCTs, as well as each and everyone of our 77 teachers who have achieved and continue to maintain this extremely rigorous and challenging certification.”
Teachers in Dare County Schools represent 77 out of a total of 23,858 educators across North Carolina and the 130,493 educators nationwide holding this esteemed credential. The national certification is a way to recognize accomplished instruction while also helping teachers strengthen their knowledge and skills.

About National Board Certification

National Board Certification was established to cultivate, retain, and recognize accomplished teachers, fostering continuous improvement in schools nationwide. It stands as the most respected professional certification in K-12 education. The certification process mandates teachers to provide standards-based evidence of their positive impact on student learning, aligning with the Five Core Propositions. This includes showcasing a profound understanding of students, content knowledge, adept use of data and assessments, teaching practice, and active participation in learning communities, supported by evidence of continuous reflection and learning.