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Internship spotlight thumbnail graphic featuring Manteo High senior, Gitzelle.
Hannah Nash
Internship spotlight graphic features Manteo High School student, Gitzelle.</h2>

Internship Interview with Manteo High School Senior, Gitzelle

Can you briefly describe the tourism and hospitality internship you recently completed?

"I interned at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau here in Manteo. I mostly worked a lot with Mr. Aaron Tuell. He was my advisor and he would kind of guide me through the tasks he would do as the Public Relations Manager."

Was your internship mostly marketing focused?

"It was all marketing focused, yes."

Did you create any content for the Visitors Bureau while you were there?

"I did. I wrote a lot of interview questions and I interviewed the employees there. I also wrote reports about nearby towns and how their websites were performing and how we could improve."

What were your main responsibilities/tasks that you did while you were interning?

"They put me in charge of this program called Careers Beyond the Counter, which is focused on getting high school students internships and finding them ways to come back after college to start a career here on the Outer Banks. That was my focus."

Careers Beyond the Counter interest poster design

Promotion poster created by Gitzelle to market Careers Beyond the Counter 

Were you with the first student to be involved with that program?


How has your experience contributed to your understanding of the industry? Is there anything that you learned that you didn't know beforehand?

"I did. I learned a lot because it's the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau. There were a lot of events I didn't know they helped with, and a lot of things I didn't know they were involved in making decisions with, and like all the board members, what type of decisions they made with the money, with their taxes, and how they work together to give us the events and the roads and things our community wants."

What are the specific skills you've gained or were able to improve on during your internship?

"I think a lot of it was how to write a good article, like describing events, and also taking pictures and how to market an event because I was in charge of going to a lot of events and taking pictures and covering what went on and what happened. I got a lot of tips because I was taking pictures and they weren't really for the media. I learned how to write for the media and how to take photos for the media."

What did you find most surprising, unexpected, or challenging about this internship?

"I guess it was trying to keep up with everything going on. I didn't realize how busy all the employees there were and how much they were involved in. So it was hard for me to keep up with all the things, all the places I had to be at because I had to travel and go to different meetings and events. I didn't expect that to be the hardest part, but it was pretty hard."

Are there any valuable connections you made during your internship?

"I met Mr. Lee Nettle, who is the director. He went to UNC Chapel Hill, and we really bonded over that because I want to go there. He gave me a lot of advice because he was also in their business program. So it was really great to see and hear everything from him, and he offered to help me out in the future."

How do you see the skills and knowledge that you gained during your internship applying in the real world? What you plan to do after you graduate?

"After I graduate, I want to go to college and find out more about business and just hospitality in general. I think this internship really helped me see how my job would be if I did get a job in that field. And it gave me a lot of perspective on things that I liked about it, and a specific job that I would want in the industry."

Do you plan to come to the area to work after college?

"I'm open-minded, yeah. If I can come back, that'd be great, but if there's a job near my college that I also like, I might take that. I would like to come back though."

Did you have good experience interning at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau?


Images of high school internship at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Interested in Interning?

Students interested in a local internships can contact Internship Coordinator Camie Romano to find an internship that aligns with their interests and career goals. Work-based learning courses are part of the Career and Technical Education Department. These courses provide students with opportunities to prepare to enter the workforce.