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Internship spotlight thumbnail graphic featuring Manteo High senior, Gitzelle.
Hannah Nash
Internship spotlight graphic features First Flight High School student, Ben.

Internship Interview with First Flight High School Junior, Ben 

Can you tell us about your internship and how it relates to hospitality and tourism?

"At my internship with OBX Way, we are documenting and mapping out trails and attractions for tourists when they come here. They can see our work and what we've been doing online. It gives them more information on how to get out and have fun while visiting the Outer Banks."

What are your main responsibilities/tasks that you do while interning?

"I would say the main task that I'm involved with is taking photos for blog posts that we were working on last semester and what we're doing now as well. I've been editing and helping create the write ups for the trails and attractions that we posted on the tourism bureau's website."

Outer Banks Trails Blog Post

"10 Outer Banks Hikes" blog post Ben assisted with during his internship. 

What skills do you think you've gained or improved upon since you've been here?

"I think one of the biggest things that I've learned is time management and how to work with other people. When I started, I just worked with my main leader, Luke. Then we went to the tourism bureau and I had to learn how to work with everyone there."

What did you find most surprising, unexpected, or challenging about this internship?

"I think the main thing that I found most surprising was how people wanted their photos done for their posts and their work. So just kind of figuring out their specific style and vision and adapting to that."

Are there any valuable connections you have made during your internship?

"Yes, my main mentor being Luke, the leader of the OBX Way. I don't know what I'm going to be doing in the future, but with the connections I've made with him, I think I could work with them in the future."

What skills or knowledge have you learned here that you think you'll be able to use in a future career?

"I think my biggest gain from this is able to work with other people and adapt to their needs and wants. Like with photography, if I work with a client in the future it's being able to adapt to what they want and make that happen."

Do you have any advice for someone who is considering an internship that is a part of the tourism industry?

"I would say, go for it! It's a lot of fun. You learn a lot and you get actual work experience and time management skills. It's great."

Outer Banks trail photography by First Flight High School student, Ben.

Photography by Ben

Interested in Interning?

Students interested in a local internships can contact Internship Coordinator Camie Romano to find an internship that aligns with their interests and career goals. Work-based learning courses are part of the Career and Technical Education Department. These courses provide students with opportunities to prepare to enter the workforce.