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Internship spotlight thumbnail graphic featuring Manteo High senior, Gitzelle.
Hannah Nash
Internship spotlight graphic features First Flight High School student, Sergio.

Internship Interview with First Flight High School Junior, Sergio 

Why did you choose an internship in the tourism and hospitality industry?

"I chose to participate in this internship at Atlantic Realty because I'm interesting in pursuing a career in real estate and buying or selling houses - maybe vacation houses too."

What are your main responsibilities/tasks that you do while interning?

"Mostly I've been organizing things like spreadsheets, files, and data."

Dare County Schools student, Sergio, standing in front of Atlantic Realty where he is interning

Sergio participates in both the real estate and rental sectors of Atlantic Realty.  

What insights have you gained about this industry during your internship?

"I've learned how to take and answers phone calls. I've also learned the way they organize everything in different sides of the business, which is very interesting to me because I've never experienced that before."

What did you find most surprising, unexpected, or challenging about this internship?

"Challenging, I would say the amount of time you spend sitting and not being able to stand because you have to do your work.

And then interesting, what was very interesting to me was the prices of the houses that they rent out to the tourists."

Are there any valuable connections you have made during your internship?

"Yes. My advisor who usually is with me, her name is Ann Marie. I see her almost every time I come here. She gives me my assignments and she talks a little bit about her life with me too."

 What skills do you think you've gained or improved upon since you've been here?

"I think I've learned a lot of tips on organization and also managing responsibilities.

I've been doing a better job of keeping my homework assignments up to date because it's similar to here (Atlantic Realty) with how you have to stay organized and follow deadlines. Also this internship has increased my ability to talk with people. When I first started here I didn't talk that much because I felt a little bit out of place, but now I feel more comfortable and more secure here."

Do you have any advice for someone who is considering an internship that is a part of the tourism industry?

"I think it's definitely worth it because you get real-life work experience and that's very beneficial."

Are you still interested in pursuing a career in real estate after this internship?

"Yes! I have enjoyed my time here."

Photo collage of student interning at Atlantic Realty.

Interested in Interning?

Students interested in a local internships can contact Internship Coordinator Camie Romano to find an internship that aligns with their interests and career goals. Work-based learning courses are part of the Career and Technical Education Department. These courses provide students with opportunities to prepare to enter the workforce.