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Message from Chairman Ballance

Dare County Families, 

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as your Board of Education Chairman. I have been a member of the Dare County Board of Education representing Hatteras Island, District 4, since 2016.  From the beginning of my first term, my goal has been to foster and support strong relationships between our teachers, staff, administrators, and the Board of Education. The Board of Education is committed to ensuring that our teachers and staff have all of the resources and support they need to be successful.
This has been a challenging year. Like many other districts, Dare County Schools has had to take an entirely new instructional approach adapting to remote learning. The Board of Education will continue to do whatever is necessary to give our students the very best instructional experience possible. Our students are the future, and it is imperative that we take the necessary steps to close the gap in instruction our students have experienced. 
As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time, please know, the Board of Education is committed to our staff, students, and parents.  Each and every decision that comes before us will be discussed from every angle and we will carefully consider the consequences of those decisions.
In closing, as the Chairman of the Board of Education, I will continue to work with parents, students, teachers, staff, and community leaders to help move our schools forward in a positive direction.  As we attempt different strategies, please remember the old adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It is often by small steps and not giant leaps that great accomplishments are made. In the spirit of collaboration, let us go forward together to do the monumental work of preparing all of our children for the exciting world that awaits them. 


Mary Ellon Ballance
Board of Education Chairman