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Message from Chairman Basnight

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Dare County School System for many years.   My long career as a classroom teacher at Manteo Elementary School enabled me to see first-hand the valuable and challenging experiences Dare County teachers offer every student. Upon retirement from the classroom, I was elected to serve our students and their families as a member of the Dare County Board of Education, and that experience continues to strengthen my conviction that the Dare County Schools are 100% committed to excellence in education for every student.

The focus in every one of our 11 schools is to provide a welcoming and cordial environment where students are challenged and are encouraged to be inquisitive.  The values of integrity, respect, and responsibility are reinforced daily, and we celebrate our student and staff successes regularly.  We are extremely proud that our seniors are awarded over one million dollars in scholarships every year, and we can say that at least 90% of Dare County students are accepted to a college or technical school each year.

Our College and Career Now Initiative affords students the opportunity to take high school courses while in middle school, thereby allowing students to potentially graduate from high school with an Associate’s Degree.  Our parents love this, because, in our estimation, this will save our families over two million dollars in college expense.  As part of this initiative, we have established the Dare Learning Academy where our students have exposure to “career-ready” courses such as welding and hospitality; thus enhancing our goal of providing instructional paths for every student.

The Dare County School System consistently ranks in the top five school systems in North Carolina, and as we look to the future, our goal is to rank as the best school system in the country.  Our Board of Education is committed to ensuring that the Dare County School System remains focused on the future so all graduates are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Our academic distinction is accomplished by dedicated educators, superlative students and their families, and many advocates in our community.  

As a caring community and family of educators, we all work together to ensure the highest quality education for all our students.  We appreciate your staying connected and involved.  Together, we will create a rich educational experience and a strong future for every student.

Bea Basnight
Chairman, Dare County Board of Education