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Board of Education

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Board members from left to right: Joe Tauber, David Twiddy, Ben Sproul, Frank Hester, Vice-Chair, Mary Ellon Ballance, Chair Bea Basnight, Margaret Lawler.

Core Values and Mission

The mission of the Dare County Board of Education is to support the students and staff by providing the necessary resources and support to ensure that every student is successful. 

Goals and Objectives

  1. Recruit, train and retain quality teachers and administrators.
  2. Prepare all students for college, careers, and life.
  3. Follow sound, efficient financial procedures and provide resources and auxiliary services that support the instructional program.
  4. Provide responsible maintenance of facilities and grounds.
  5. Engender community support through an active public relations program.

Mission: Educate Every Child

Vision: All students will graduate on time, prepared for college, careers, and life.