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Betsy Binkley

Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher
Locations: Manteo Elementary School

Bua Bishop

Job Title: Head of ASEP
Locations: First Flight Elementary

Suzanne Blackstock

Job Title: 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Locations: First Flight Middle School

Katherine Blanchard

Job Title: Teacher
Locations: Nags Head Elementary, NHES 3rd Grade

Steve Blankenburg

Job Title: Media and Technology Assistant
Locations: First Flight High School

Heather Boan

Job Title: Middle School Counselor
Locations: Cape Hatteras Secondary

Danielle Bogema

Job Title: School Psychologist
Locations: First Flight Elementary

Nick Bowman

Job Title: Spanish Teacher
Locations: First Flight High School

Rebecca Bowman

Job Title: Teacher Assistant
Locations: Nags Head Elementary

Catherine Bowser

Job Title: Head Custodian
Locations: First Flight Elementary