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Elementary School Remote Learning Information

General Information for Families and Students 

Our goal is to utilize technology through online learning to prevent academic slide for students in grades K-5. Parents and students are encouraged to explore the supplemental resources that are offered for the following subjects:

Pre-K Choice Board
Kindergarten Choice Board
First Grade Choice Board
Second Grade Choice Board
Third Grade Choice Board
Fourth Grade Choice Board
Fifth Grade Choice Board
Elementary Art Choice Board
Elementary PE Choice Board
Elementary Music Choice Board


Cape Hatteras Elementary School

Teacher Contact Information
Rachel Benton | Principal
Diane Brown | Assistant Principal

First Flight Elementary School 

Teacher Contact Information
Jodie Mitchum | Principal
Jennifer Bass | Assistant Principal


Kitty Hawk Elementary School 

Teacher Contact Information

Dr. Gregory Florence | Principal
Dr. Lisa Colvin | Assistant Principal


Manteo Elementary School 

Teacher Contact Information

Mary Anne Wetzel | Interim Principal
Shannon Castillo | Assistant Principal
Elizabeth Kenan | Assistant Principal


Nags Head Elementary School 

Teacher Contact Information

Dr. Adrienne Palma | Principal
Denise Stone | Assistant Principal
Resources for Elementary School Families and Students: 

Frequently Asked Questions