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Keith Parker

Due to weather-related school closures during the 2018-2019 school year, Dare County Schools is announcing revisions to the calendar. Schools north of Oregon Inlet have missed 7 days, while schools on Hatteras Island have missed 6 to date. Fortunately, the NC General Assembly in Senate Bill 2 has forgiven the days we missed due to Hurricane Florence. This is due to Dare County Schools having met the projected instructional hour's requirement of a minimum of 1,025 throughout the course of the academic year.

While calendar flexibility from the General Assembly is very welcomed and appreciated, there is no substitute for actual teaching and learning time. The district leadership team has, therefore, focused on an amended calendar that closes the gap in instructional time lost in the first semester. 

Click here view the online version of the calendar.

Click here to view the PDF version of the calendar. 

The following changes are reflected in the revised calendar: 

  • October 26 is now a full instructional day
  • January 18 is now a full instructional day
  • January 22 is now an instructional day
  • The end date of first semester has moved from January 18 to January 25
  • March 28 is now a full instructional day
  • March 29 is now an instructional day
  • April 22 is now an instructional day
  • May 24 is now a full instructional day
  • June 14 is now an optional teacher work day
  • Some report card, end of quarter and interim report days have been altered

The revised calendar balances both semesters and nets a gain of 5 full instructional days. In addition, holiday and spring break vacations remain intact. Lastly, this plan allows some flexibility if needed in the second semester, should more weather-related closures be required.