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Keith Parker

As the first semester of the 2020-21 school year comes to a close, all high school students are encouraged to complete any remaining assignments and prepare for their final exams. I would like to share some important information regarding the administration and scoring of final exams. 

  • The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction currently prohibits the administration of all EOC and some CTE Post-Assessments virtually. Students enrolled in these courses will take the exam in person at their respective school. 
  • All teacher made exams will be administered virtually. 
  • A complete fall testing schedule can be found here.
  • Students that do not take a state exam will receive an Incomplete (INC) for the course. If the state exam is not made up, a score of 0 will be calculated as the exam score.  
  • NCDPI allows local school districts to convert the EOC and CTE scale score into a grade. DCS will implement a grading scale that includes a minimum possible score of 60 for all final exams. Our intention is to ensure that a student’s final course grade is determined by an accumulation of the student’s work throughout the semester as opposed to a single assessment grade having an exclusive impact. 
  • For state exams, the original score before the curve and achievement level will still be reflected on the student’s transcript. 
  • Dare County Schools Policy 3410 currently requires state exams to count for 25 percent of the student’s overall course average. At the January 12 meeting, Dr. Farrelly is recommending that the Board of Education change their local policy from 25 to 20 percent. 
  • If your child requires transportation to attend school on the week of January 11 - 15 to take a state exam, please email: by January 6 with your child’s name and address to request a bus pick-up time.  

Please contact your child’s school with any questions.