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Three elementary school students working together in a classroom

Dare County Schools is a high performing public school district located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are 11 schools and 5,069 students in the district. Approximately 93% of students graduate from high school.

Dare County Schools Elementary teacher reads to classroom while young male student points to page.


Dare County Schools is committed to ensuring that all of our students access the skills and curriculum that will allow them to live a choice-driven life. We seek to inspire our students to fall in love with the learning process - to become lifelong learners. To achieve this goal, we equip our teachers with the resources they need to be successful. We will develop our teachers through the highest quality professional learning communities. And, we will engage our parents and our community through transparency and open communication.


In recent years, Dare County Schools have scored within the top five public school districts in North Carolina. The 2020 Roadmap of Need, published by the North Carolina Public School Forum ranks Dare as the fourth highest performing school district in North Carolina. 

By working together to create a shared vision for our hopes and dreams for our students, we will succeed in creating a nationally recognized school district. 

By emphasizing innovation and talent development, Dare County Schools are building learning environments where all students can succeed, regardless of their background.