School Calendar Revisions
School Calendar Revisions
Posted on 02/16/2018
calendarA message from Superintendent Farrelly on the calendar revisions: 

DCS Families,

Good afternoon. As you are well aware, this has been a challenging year in regards to inclement weather from the hurricane season through two winter snow storms. To date, we have missed 10 full instructional days. As you know, we have converted several half days to full instructional days to try and close the instructional hour deficit. Following school calendar legislation, we are still significantly above the minimum instructional hour requirement at the middle and high school level but are very close to the 1,025-hour mark at the elementary level. Thus, we need to add instructional hours for the remainder of the year.
Attached you will find an amended Dare County Schools calendar. Please note the following:
1. We are back to one district-wide calendar. (Schools in Hatteras at one point had their own version).
2. As I shared in the fall, we have tried to avoid going to school on Saturdays, extending the school day and cutting into spring break. With the following revisions, we will continue to accomplish those objectives. 
3. Interim reports, end of quarter dates and report card days have all shifted.
4. End of course and end of grade test dates will push out by 2 days. 
5. With the following shifts, we will gain back 3 full instructional days:
* May 25 is now a full instructional day.
* June 6, June 7 and June 8 are now full instructional days. June 8 will be the last day of school. This WILL NOT affect graduation ceremonies.
Thank you for your support of our mission in Dare County Schools. Please contact me directly at if you have any questions.
Take care,

(click here) to download the revised calendar.