Growth Mindset - The Power of "Yet"
Instructional Highlights at CHES
CHES Highlights: Glimpse into a Growth Mindset

Cape Hatteras Elementary School selected students in technology facilitator/master literacy trainer/AIG teacher April Oden's and Literacy Specialist and Read 180 instructor Stephanie Tenpenny's fourth and fifth grade classes walked the Board of Education through activities describing their learning on Growth Mindset on October 10th at the BOE meeting at CHES. Both teachers, like so many across our district, have studied the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and are focusing instructional practices aimed at instilling a “Growth Mindset” to be successful in school and in life. Executive Director of Elementary Education Sandy Kinzel introduced the students and teachers. "High achievement isn’t merely a product of talent and ability. It is directly related to the internal beliefs we have about our own abilities, skills, and potential which fuels behavioral patterns and predicts success.  When we believe we are always growing and learning, we find the power in yet. Moving from thoughts like 'I’m not good at math' to 'I’m not good at math yet'. That's a growth mindset." Students proceeded to give members of the Board a task. They recorded responses and shared following their presentation; having a growth mindset is something that is learned. Students went about describing ways that they learn to have a growth mindset in their classes at CHES. Board members were likely to think a little differently about approaching new material after this Instructional Highlight! mindset graphic