Academically Gifted (AIG)
  • AIG Plan 2016-2019
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    Appendix 4 (Parent Guidebook)

    Info and Resources:
    Administrative Contact:
    Executive Director of Elementary Education (administers all levels AIG) 
    Sandy Kinzel 480-8888 x 1928

    School Contacts:
    Cape Hatteras Elementary  
        April Oden   995-6196 x 3647
    Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies
        Jessica Polk  995-5730 x 3359
    First Flight Middle School
        Colleen Vaughan  441-8888 x 2254
    First Flight Elementary
       Corinne West  441-1111 x 2051
    First Flight High School
       Lisa Wheless 449-7000 x 2432
    Kitty Hawk Elementary School 
        Rich Shope 261-2313 x 1652
    Manteo Elementary 
        Helen Corbett 473- 2742 x 1443
     Manteo Middle School 
        Michelle Shafer 473-5549 x 1281
    Manteo High School 
        Joanne Juco   473-5841 x 1066
    Nags Head Elementary 
       Laura Piland  480-8880 x 1815

    Chain of Inquiry About Gifted Services
    Parent inquiries about the AIG program, and appropriate options for differentiation should be directed to your child's assigned school using this sequence of staff:
  1. Classroom teacher(s)
  2. AIG resource teacher / school contact
  3. Principal
  4. Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program Office